About us

The company EISENBAU HEILBRONN Ltd.  was founded in 1930 and is a producer of large storage tanks and associated systems. 

Our production spectrum includes the following:

  • Project Planning
  • Construction
  • Fabrication
  • Erection and Installation
  • Service and Repair


  • Low Pressure Gas Storage Tanks
  • Medium pressure membrane gas tanks
  • Biogas Reactors/Digesters
  • Desulphurization Plants for Biogas

The area of application of our products is focused on environmental protection schemes on waster water treatment plants (WWTP) and waste recycling centres also in the chemical and steel industries.

As an owner lead company in 4 th generation we set highest value on product quality and long term, trustful business relations with our customers and suppliers.

The product quality is assured by highly educated employees and a provision of our products from one source.

Through this we achieved a status as a

  • competent
  • reliable and
  • fair

partner for our customers and suppliers, whose products are characterized by highest

  • product quality
  • security standards
  • and reliability

Our products are well known and respected both on domestic and global markets.

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