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Composite construction of steel and concrete.


Composite construction of steel and concrete.

Digesters and bioreactors constructed from steel have many benefits as opposed to concrete constructions.

Our company has accumulated a vast range of experience in the fabrication and construction of this type in all sizes.

Included are combinations of steel/concrete.

Full steel construction


Advantages of full steel construction:

  • lower weight
  • faster construction time
  • absolute gas and liquid tightness
  • lower costs for foundation and completion
  • higher stability especially advantages in areas subject to earth tremors

construction advantages relating to following installations

Special construction with floating bell as integrated gas holder


Special construction with floating bell as integrated gas holder.


The following components are generally included in our standard equipment:

  • integrated sludgewall for integrated installations.
  • various wall mannholes
  • gas dome
  • working plattform on top of the digester
  • connecting platforms to stairways or access towers

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