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The good properties of this type of gas tank instead of a new building permit cost-effective rehabilitation accirdubg to the following concept:
  • cleaning the cover of gasholder and sealing water basin from Imunol pollution and disposal of Imunol residuals
  • corrosion protection with a modern paint system or a new building gas tank cover
  • increase of operating pressure in accordance with the requirements of modern gas engines by additional ballast

Use of new wetgas tanks mainly in the chemical industry.



Digesters and bioreactors constructed from steel have many benefits as opposed to concrete constructions.

Our company has accumulated a vast range of experience in the fabrication and construction of this type in all sizes.


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Composite construction of steel and concrete

Included in our expertise are combinations of steel/concrete.




Full steel construction



  • lower weight
  • faster construction time
  • absolute gas and liquid tightness
  • lower costs for foundation and completion
  • higher stability especially advantages in areas subject to earth tremors
  • construction advantages relating to future installations


The following components are generally included in our standard equipment:
  • integrated sludgewall for integrated installations
  • various wall mannholes
  • gas dome
  • working plattform on top of the digester
  • connecting platforms to stairways or access towers



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Our longtime expierence in the field of sludge utilisation and a numerous of succesfully realized projects distinguishes us as an reliable, fair and professional business partner. You can rely on making your project a sccucess together and  in partnership.