Gas cleaning unit for batch processing

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This gas cleaning unit type for desulfurization of gas can be delivered up to a length of 3 m and a diameter of 2.5 m. Depending on sulphur concetration and gas cleaning size the cleaning performance can add up to 2,000 Nm³/d.

This unit type is a cost effcient option to gas cleaning units for continuous operation.

It’s designed for a long holding time of gas cleaning mass whereby mass changing intervals are extended and decomissioning time is minimized.

This unit is complete fabricated in our workshop and will be installed operation ready within one to two days.

Advantages in summary

  • operationally safe and effective system proven over decades
  • high cleaning performance with low operational costs
  • low pressure loss is achieved by optimized pellet form
  • long holding time of gas cleaning mass
  • minimization of decomission intervals
  • high loading rates and fine cleaning achieved by the very effective reaction of the cleaning medium
  • problem free and cost effective disposal of used medium

For design and structural calculation latest CAD Software will be used. Structural calculation will be carried out by engineer through finite elements software. Our quality will be continiously monitored by certification according to EN 1090 part 1 + 2.

Design and structural analysis 1 Design and structural analysis 2

In our factory in the city of Heilbronn these gas cleaning unit types are mounted within 10 weeks. The delivery to the client is carried out by a special transport.

Fabrication 1 Fabrication 2 Fabrication 3

Sinking of unit in bating tank

Tanks with a length of 12 m and a diameter of 3.8 m can be bated in our bating tank. The exposure time is one to two days. After this the tanks will be prepared for passivation.

Bating 7Bating 1 Bating 2

>Cleaning and passivation of the gas cleaning unit
Passivation is carried out by high pressure water jeting.
Bating 3 Bating 4

To guarantee operation in winter the gas cleaning unit is insulated and equipped with a heating layer.

Isolation and heating 1 Isolation and heating 2

Preparing for transport – installation of transport frame

Transport 1 Transport 2

Installation 1

First filling of the gas cleaning unit with cleaning mass.

Inbetriebnahme 1 Inbetriebnahme 2



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