Low pressure gas storage tanks

Gas tanks as low pressure gas storage tanks are useful for a cost efficient intermediate storage of gas in presence of consumers. Eisenbau Heilbronn is specialised in the fabrication and construction of low pressure gas storage tanks and has a wide range of experience and knowledge of almost 90 years. Eisenbau Heilbronn has constructed approx. 1500 gas tanks in various sizes world wide.


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Low pressure gas storage tanks in vertical cylindrical shape

Due to size and dimensions, this gas tank type cannot be totally prefabricated in our workshop in Heilbronn. Final assembly will be carried out on site.

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Niederdruckgasspeicher stehend

Niederdruckgasspeicher liegend

Low pressure gas storage tanks in lying cylidrical shape

This gas tank type presents reasonable option to on site erected gas storage tanks. Due to prevention of on site erection a commisioning of the gas tank is possible within one day.

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