This type of gas tank presents reasonable option to on site erected gas storage tanks. Due to prevention of on site erection a commisioning of gasholder is possible within one day.

It will be mounted, painted, and delivered on site in sizes from 10 m³ – 125 m³ capacity.

Through on time delivery the loss of gasproduction will be minimized.


  • decades of reliable and almost service free construction with welded steel housing
  • variation of working pressure at any time
  • delivery of gasholder with truck and commisioning within one day
  • area of application up to 50 mbar
  • low foundation costs through placement on strip foundation
  • low combined weight of the gas tank construction. foundation loading: max. 10 to/foundation

standard construction sizes: 10, 20, 35, 50, 65, 75, 100, 125 m³

For design and structual calculation latest CAD Software will be used. Structual calculation will be carried out by engineer through finite elements software. Our quality will be continiously monitored by certification according to EN 1090 part 1+2.

Design and structual calculation 1 Design and structual calculation 2

In our factory in city of Heilbronn these gas storage types are mounted and painted within 10 weeks.

Fabrication 1 Fabrication 5 Fabrication 2 Fabrication 3 Fabrication 4

The delivery to the client is carried out by a special transport.

Anlieferung 1 Anlieferung 2 Anlieferung 3

Installation on site can be realized within one day.

Installation 1Installation 2 Installation 3



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