Due to size and dimensions, this gas tank type cannot be totally prefabricated in our workshop in Heilbronn. Final assembly will be carried out on site.


  • decades of reliable and almost service free construction with welded steel housing
  • welded gas housing is permanently gas tight
  • variation of working pressure at any time
  • high quality Neoprene Coated Sealing membrane with "Support Corsett"
  • stabilisation of the loaded disc achieved by telescopic pipe guidance system
  • area of application up to 80 mbar
  • low combined weight of the gas tank construction. foundation loading: max. 0,7 to/m².


For design and structual calculation latest CAD Software will be used. Structual calculation will be carried out by engineers through finite elements software. Our quality will be continiously monitored by certification according to EN 1090 part 1+2.

Design and structual analysis 1 Design and structual analysis 2 Design and structual analysis 3

Based on structual analysis and design our prefabrication produces end assembly optimized components which are deliverd to site on time.

Fabrication 1 Fabrication 2 Fabrication 3 Fabrication 4 Fabrication 5 Fabrication 6 Fabrication 7 Fabrication 8 Fabrication 9

On sites in whole Germany expirenced site supervisors with their teams assure a smooth end assembly of gasholder. Dependig of gas storage size end assembly will take up to 7 month. In return you reveive a product which has demonstrated its relaibility for decades.

On site intsallation 1 On site intsallation 2 On site intsallation 3 On site intsallation 4 On site intsallation 5 On site intsallation 6 On site intsallation 7On site intsallation 8 On site intsallation 9 On site intsallation 10 On site intsallation 11

Corrosion protection of gas storage tanks on site are carried out by experienced contractors which we've been working together for decades.

Corrosion protection 1 Corrosion protection 2 Corrosion protection 3

Training and commissioning is carried out by one of our project managers.

Training and commissioning 1 Training and commissioning 2Training and commissioning 3



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