Due to expirences for decades in designing, construction, pre fabrication and on site erection our knowledge is in demand which we provide in terms of construction drawings and delivery of special parts.

We corporate with competent partners almost worldwide in the field of waste water purification or tank and apparatus construction.

We offer the productrelated Eisenbau Heilbronn ltd. spectrum in diverse levels as listed below.



Dr. Roland Stehle


Email: stehle(at)

Tel. +49 7131 1589 31

Our services


  • Design
  • statical calculation
  • provision of drawings and instruction list, operation manuals 
  • delivery of erection manuals

delivery of special parts

  • delievery of special parts like f.e. telescopic guiding system
  • material purchase, prefabrication and assembly are generally carried out by competent local firms. We consult and support our clients within the scope of our above mentioned services.

delivery of prefabricated sub assemblies 

  • delivery of complette subassemblies like gasholder housing, bottom, ballast discs ... 
  • Erection is carried out by capable local companies in which we give support and consulting by finding those companies.

erection consulting

  • erection consulting to defined time points
  • Consulting of commisioning
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