Desulphurization units are primarily used for removal of sulphur (H2S) from biogas. Sulphur in biogas causes environmental pollution and serious corrossion problems in pipe systems, heaters and gasmotors.

The process:

The H2S impregnated gas is passed through a tower formed desulphurization reactor containing specially formed gascleaning mass (medium) in pellet form. This leads to a chemical reaction between the sulphur in gas and cleaning medium containing ironoxide; the interaction results in the chemical absorption of sulphur into the cleaning medium, ironoxide becomes ironsulphide. The controlled addition of compressed air into the crudegas causes a constant regeneration of the cleaning medium as elementary sulphur forms.



Dr. Roland Stehle


Email: stehle(at)

Tel. +49 7131 1589 31

Area of application


Desulphurization of:

  • gas purification in communal WWTPs.
  • agriculturual biogas from anaerobic industrial water treatment plants.
  • disposal site gases
  • biogases from fermentation of waste products.

Advantages in summary.

  • an operationally safe and effective system proven over decades.
  • high cleaning performance with low operational costs.
  • low pressure loss is achieved by optimum pellet form.
  • loading of the plant with gas cleaning mass during operation.
  • high loading rates and fine cleaning achieved by the very effective reaction of the cleaning medium.
  • problem free and cost effective disposal of used medium.

1- tower gas cleaning unit with stair tower


model showed:

  • gas cleaning unit wit  a daily cleaning cpacity of 132.000 Nm³ 
  • simultaneous airfeeding for continuous operation 
  • iron mass change during operation

2- tower cleaning unit


model showed:

  • 2 gas cleaning units with a daily capacity of each 132000 cbm/day
  • with simultaneous airfeeding for continuous  operation
  • 4 Siloxane cleaning towers with each 4000 cbm/h
  • operating pressure up to 200 mbar

Compact cleaning unit


modell showed

  • Desulphirization unit with a daily capacity of Tagesleistung von 2000 Nm³
  • with simultaneous airfeeding for continuous  operation


  • Very long mass changing interval.
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