To ensure the operational safety and economic interests gas holders are required to be regularly inspected.


The advisory leaflet (DWA-M 376) published october 2006 (safety reguations for bio gas holders with membrane seals) gives detailed information relating to the inspection methods and time intervals for regular inspections to be carried out by qualified persons.


On basis of this workingpaper we have developed an internal detailed protocol for the inspection of the constructional condition, gasholder functions and safety systems. Our long term experience in this area has been introduced working with the ATV-DVKW working group "Biogasstorage".


Eisenbau Heilbronn offers this service all over Europe to all operators of gasholders independant of the construction firm in regular intervals and covers the complete range of types and capacities.
For every inspection we supply a detailed report in which actual condition of the gasholder and any problems found are documented.
Small repairs are generally carried out at once. Larger repairs are documented and plant manager receives a detailed inspection report and a repair/overhaul offer.


For this purpose we have formed our own service team consisting of 4 experienced employees using specially equiped vehicles.



Andreas Malkusch

inspection management

Email: malkusch(at)

phone +49 7131 1589 22

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