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In these areas of gas storage technology we are at your side with lots of advice and even more action!

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Eisenbau Heilbronn GmbH – Faulbehälter

Sludge digesters

Digesters and bioreactors constructed from steel have many benefits as opposed to concrete constructions.
Eisenbau Heilbronn GmbH – Instandhaltung

Maintenance and repair

In the interests of operational safety and long term maintenance of value of our complete range of products as well as for systems of other manufacturers we offer a comprehensive range of maintenance / repair overhaul services.
Eisenbau Heilbronn GmbH – Konzeptionszeichnung


Thanks to experiences for decades in designing, construction, pre fabrication, and on site installation our knowledge is in demand and we provide it in terms of construction drawings and delivery of special parts.
Eisenbau Heilbronn GmbH – Nassgasspeicher

Wet gas tanks

The good properties of this type of gas tank instead of a new building permit cost-effective rehabilitation.
Eisenbau Heilbronn GmbH – Inspektion und Wartung

Inspection services

To ensure the operational safety and economic interests gas storage tanks are required to be regularly inspected.
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Our longtime expierence in the field of sludge utilisation and a numerous of succesfully realized projects distinguishes us as an reliable, fair and professional business partner. You can rely on making your project a sccucess together and in partnership.
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