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The high demands of Eisenbau Heilbronn GmbH

The quality of our products is guaranteed by the use of highly motivated and qualified employees and quality monitoring by the staff of production-independent quality bodies.

Eisenbau Heilbronn GmbH manufactures its plants in compliance with valid technical and ecological standards and in accordance with the specifications of the most important acceptance organisations. The certifications of Eisenbau Heilbronn GmbH include:

Certification according to EN 1090

This includes welding with qualified procedure using welding procedure specification (WPS) on the one hand and a factory production controll system on the other hand which claims a closed verification of converted and statically critical materials. With our manufacturer's declaration we certify our pre-fabrication and erection according to EN 1090

Welding engineer
Our welding quality is audited by an welding engineer

Convinced of the quality of Eisenbau Heilbronn

Eisenbau Heilbronn
  • Eisenbau Heilbronn GmbH

  • Brüggemannstr. 39 – 43

  • 74076 Heilbronn. Germany

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Our longtime expierence in the field of sludge utilisation and a numerous of succesfully realized projects distinguishes us as an reliable, fair and professional business partner. You can rely on making your project a sccucess together and in partnership.
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