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Inspection services

Inspection services

Low-pressure gas storage tanks are considered operating equipment. The operator (e.g. sewage treatment plant) is responsible for the maintenance and safety of this equipment. The operation of a wastewater treatment plant requires a large number of items of equipment that are difficult for the staff to inspect and monitor themselves in their entirety.

The DWA leaflet M 376 "Freestanding biogas storage tanks" regulates, among other things, the test cycles and scope of testing for low-pressure gas storage tanks with the involvement of a competent person. The new and revised edition published in February 2022 replaces the leaflet "Safety rules for biogas tanks with membrane seal" first published in 2006.

Based on these leaflets, we have internally developed detailed regulations for checking the structural condition, the tank functions and the safety devices. We have contributed our many years of experience in this regard by participating in the DWA working group KEK-8.2 "Biogas storage".

Eisenbau Heilbronn offers this service to all operators of gas tanks, both our own and those of other manufacturers. We carry out the inspections at regular intervals and in various versions with different scopes of services.

For each main inspection carried out, we draw up a detailed report in which the current condition of the container and any defects found are documented.
If possible, we rectify minor defects on site. In the case of larger defects, the operator receives a detailed repair or renovation offer.

Our own service team of four employees has years of experience in inspecting a wide variety of gas storage tank types. With specially equipped vehicles, our team is on duty in Germany and other Western European countries and is available to our customers.

For an offer to inspect your gas storage tank, please contact our service department.

Contact person for gas storage service, periodic inspections

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