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Secure gas storage

Gas tanks on waste water treatement plants (WWTP) were solely built in low pressure technique until 1980s. To lower investment costs from this point on the technique of pressureless gas tanks were introduced. At the time in the farming sector the first biogas plants occured.

Pressureless gas tanks seem to be an interesting low cost alternative in comparison to low pressure gas tanks at first site. On closer inspection the operating company (WWTP etc.) has to oppose the lower asset costs of the pressureless gas tank against lower security standards and further assets costs in the field of gas fans as well as higher operating costs and inspection costs.

The documents which are provided on this site are focused especially on plant security.

In particular the security standards of low pressure gas tanks are compared with those of pressureless gas tanks.

All downloadabe files in German.

Explosion at the Riedlingen biogas plant

explanatory approaches to understanding the cause of the accident

Explosion accidents

examples from the fields of sewage plants and biogas plants

Safety assessment of biogas containers
with examples of accidents
Storage of biogases
Leak test
on biogas tanks with membrane seal
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